Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What you will need to get into a rad technologist school

Radiology technology is one of the fast growing fields in medicine. The demand for rad technicians is currently higher than before. It is set to increase and grow in the next few years. If you have researched through the many professions out there and have actually decided to become a rad technologist, you will need to have some qualification before you join any school. 

Before you consider joining rad course, you should carefully study the life sciences such as chemistry, math, biology and any other related topics. After finishing your high school diploma, you will need to complete a program in radiography as well as a college degree program.

Some programs accept students on a first-come, first served basis while others go by the points system for entry. However, most schools accept students based on their work toward completing prerequisites that involves 35 credit hours of basic english, math and science. Written narratives, interviews, healthcare experience and other factor are also used by schools to evaluate candidates. Keep up your grades, especially in high school and college math and science courses. For you to apply for community or state-sponsored colleges, you must have credits of specific education courses and have almost straight A’s in the relevant courses.

Apply for the right reasons, because educators are actually looking for students who are suited to healthcare. Research shows that students who perform poorly in rad technology are those that came to the program for wrong reasons like salary. Moreover, radiography is a technology-focused career; you should have technology /computer skills that will allow you to handle and use the equipments effectively.

Sharpen your interview skills. Many schools offering these programs require applicants to be interviewed by faculty. Before your interview, you should research the current industrial trends and the the specific program you want to applying for. Some radiology programs will require that you have basic background in radiology. For example, radiology technicians working at the hospital and want to learn sonography would first have certification in primary radiology area. You must pass a certification exam and show that you have the right knowledge for radiology. Additionally, you will be required to complete an application and provide any necessary transcripts or personal statement to support your application.

Now that you have an intention to pursue this career path, you should decide either to study the course online or study on-campus. On-campus means you have to attend a regular school. It is the most ideal scenario if your want to be a full-time student. You may choose to study online when you are working and you know won't have full-time commitment for school schedule. Check your options and start your career in rad technology.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Find The Best Radiology Technician School

To make a career with the radiology department it is essential that you find the best school available that offers this course. With the demand for trained and certified professionals there are many schools these days that have come forward to offer this course.
There are few things that one has to consider to find the best radiology tech schools. The first and foremost thing is to decide where one actually wishes to go to school. This is because as discussed earlier with the demand for trained and certified professionals there are many schools that have come forward. There are plenty of schools in every state and it is up to your interest if you want to pick a school in your state where you stay or in another place.
With the rapid growth of internet sites there are also many online schools that have come forward to offer training. Online classes will best suit the ones who do not have time for the traditional classroom teaching but are still interested in making career with this field.
After you are done with making a decision of where to study, then start it with making a list of the schools that are available and that suits your interest. After you finish making the list of schools available, start doing research on the schools.
Radiology technician school plays a vital role in molding your career as a radiographer, so it is essential that you make a good choice in picking a school. The things that you need to concentrate while picking a schools is the accreditation of the school, program offering and cost of the school.
Not everyone can afford the tuition costs, so make sure you compare well with other schools before you join. Attaining training from an accredited school will fetch you a lucrative amount.